The move
is a week away
and this house
no longer
like home
Boxes line the halls
and are
piled high
in the garage
clutter and chaos
in every corner
The move is a week away
the things that were
familiar once
are no more
the koi pond gone
fences moved
grasses planted
paint and puddy
packing and stacking
The sadness
seeps in slowly
too busy to barely notice
the quiet goodbye
I have come
to respect
that no thing
lasts forever
and to enjoy
every moment
for as long
as it lasts
if I am to notice
the gifts of
I must step
lightly upon
come what may
the next page turns
weather I am ready
or not
In less than a week
a new house
will become home
little by little
as we unpack
all of the boxes
that line the halls
and that are stacked
high in the garage
with clutter and chaos
in every corner
and the vision
of a new koi pond
will replace
what was left behind
a week ago
one day

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