Never to Old For a Nude Selfie

Someone recently told me that the best thing to do to enhance your self esteem is sexting nude pictures.  Of course, nude pictures aren’t for everyone and under no circumstances are they okay for teens.  But consenting adults snap chatting body bits can be a great boon to our image ego.  As long as we consider all of the future possibilities of where those private pictures might one day publicly be published.
Admittedly nude selfies aren’t everyone’s cup of 10-base-T.  Yes I am old school punny.  But this is for my fellow old geek peeps.  There’s another reason nude pics can be a good idea and that is to track our maturing body for any signs that something is out if the ordinary.  
I recently saw a photo of my back, whilst wearing a bikini and I was shocked to see an array of graceful age spots.  But how can you be sure something is a common sign of age, or something more sinister?
One way we can be proactive about our health is to photograph our body with time and date stamp images.  That way we can look back and see when that mole on our arm first appeared.  We would notice if there was an unusual asymmetry in our breasts.  Or simply just admire our silver hair in all the new places it is growing.
Remember to check to see if your Android phone automatically backs up to the cloud.  There’s no reason Google needs to index your personal health pictures.  In fact most providers have provisions in their terms of use policy that prohibits storing or transmitting nudes.
So read up on the rules that apply where you live and talk to your partner if you want to play.  But even if no one but you sees the picture on your phone, a chronology of nude selfies could be some on your most valuable pictures.

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